ZAGP News April 2021 Issue

Posted on Thursday, April 29, 2021

The April 2021 issue of ZAGP News is now out. In this issue, we report on several initiatives being implemented by the Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme (ZAGP). through its six projects. Among these initiatives are renewable solar solutions to power animal health centres, Cattle Business Centres (CBCs), Goat Improvement Centres, transportation and irrigation systems.  ZAPG also focuses on green technologies in the area of biogas digesters, a simple technology to develop clean and easily accessible renewable energy from biomass.

Investing in green technologies is a promising option for combining the multiple goals of climate change mitigation, a low-carbon economy, employment creation (especially among the youth) energy security and sustainable development. 

This issue comes out as we commemorate Earth Day, an annual event held on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Green investments are also an important component for supporting entrepreneurial initiatives, skills development and technology transfer, all of which are critical to economic growth and development. ZAGP will not be left behind in adopting green technologies which are expected to contribute not only to lowering carbon emissions, but also improve production and productivity within the livestock sector without adverse effects on the climate.

Download a copy of the newsletter. Happy Reading! You can also visit the Resource Centre to view previous issues.