Talking Poultry Issue 2

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2022

Greetings Dear Reader, we welcome you to this second edition of the Inclusive Poultry Value Chain's - Talking Poultry newsletter series. 

IPVC program is working with government extension, respective local councils, private sector in DOC, stock feed and machinery suppliers continue to make significant strides, on improving the performance of the poultry value chain (PVC) particularly as it relates to Small and Medium Producers (SMP) participation. Notable achievements include the completion of four live bird marketplaces in 2021, that are, the Masvingo (Chitima market), Mutare (Chikanga), Kwekwe (Mbizo phase 2) and Harare (Domboshawa Showgrounds). Chikanga market officially opened on the 9th of September, Chitima market on the 26th of October, Mbizo market on the 30th of November and the Domboshawa live market officially launched on the 15th of December. The live bird market places were opened together with the established butchery in the respective clusters, with the aim of providing live and dressed bird market channels for SMPs who members of the established Poultry Business Associations (PBA). A total of 7000 point-of-lay (POL) Hyline birds produced through a revolving facility, were distributed to the PBA members, across the five clusters, that is, Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo & Mutare at a cost recovery price of USD 6.20 against the open market price of USD 9.50. The PBAs managed revolving scheme for 5000 POL birds with a target of producing at least 5000 commercial POL birds in every quarter for the benefit of SMPs.

Three sets of diesel powered 500kg/hr mobile feed mills with a vertical mixer and 60kg/hr pelletiser on a towable trailer were handed over to Masvingo, Gweru and Harare PBAs for hiring by SMPs to enable own farm poultry feed formulation and production. During the past 12 months, the cumulative sales, of bulk procured commercial stock feeds and DOC in the five poultry business units (PBU) for the respective five PBAs stands at 2 226 MT of feed and 350 762 DOCs. The cumulative PBA membership stands at 2812. IPVC has facilitated the installation of a Cloud based QuickBooks Accounting software package across the five poultry business units to promote and ensure good financial management practices and accountability.
The program has also facilitated monthly fuel and airtime provision to 108 Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) in the IPVC program targeted wards. With the support of government extension, the program is rolling out the training and extension on Good Agricultural Practice in Poultry Husbandry.

The preceding period has also presented its fair set of difficulties to SMPs participation in the PVC. This includes but not limited to, the Covid-19 necessitated lockdowns which limited face to face extension & training and stock feed price increases post the promulgation of SI 127 of 2021 prohibiting the selling of goods and services, quoting an exchange rate above the ruling auction market rate, amplifying effects of the earlier SI 125 of 2021 on the control of maize and soya trading.

The SMPs in the PBAs through their ZPA chapters continue to lobby to the Chick Breeders and the government ministries of Agriculture; Industry & Trade and Finance to put in place provisions for adequacy in broiler DOC supply, for the third and fourth quarter where perennially, demand has exceeded supply.

Looking forward, IPVC seeks to strengthen the end market linkages for the PVC in an endeavour to improve SMP access to formal markets which will in turn prime them for accessing finance from private sector to grow their poultry enterprises.  Ongoing, is the capacity building of SMPs with skills and equipment to undertake own farm feed formulation and production. Strengthening the dual-purpose bird (i.e., Boschveld, Kuroilers, Black Australorp, Sussex) component of PVC is being undertaken to promote an alternative climate and economic resilient poultry production system. To this end, a total of 30 incubators has been provided to groups that include, PBAs; lead farmers and farmer groups in the IPVC clusters to provide hatching services to SMPs for dual purpose and indigenous chickens. Furthermore, a trial pilot study is being undertaken by the program in partnership with Matopos Research Institute to assess the meat and egg productivity performance of the different dual-purpose breeds under conditions of improved pastures.

Happy reading!!!