Invitation to Submit Applications for In-Calf Heifers and Semen Facility in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe.

Posted on Sunday, April 26, 2020


Eligible for this facility are integrators and small-scale farmers, in grower schemes or not. The matching will either be done by the integrator or by the small-scale farmer. For every heifer(s) procured by or for the small-scale farmer, they will get an equivalent number of heifers from the grant facility for free. The maximum heifers to applied for is Five per farmer. The heifers will be Jerseys, Jersey-crosses and/or Friesen-crosses. 


LOT 1: Upgrading Beef Dairy Farmers

To be eligible, the farmer(s) should be an existing small-scale beef-dairy farmer(s), milking for their own consumption or for sale within the local community. They should be part of or close to an organized network of milk aggregation (MCC, Milk Hubs, Dairy Zones, Dairy Networks, Anchor Model, Aggregators). A small-scale dairy farmer is defined here as any farmer producing less than 200 litres of milk per day. The farmer should also have adequate water and feed reserves for the dairy animals. 

A beneficiary can only access a maximum of 20 straws. 

LOT 2: Existing Small-scale Dairy Farmers 

Eligible for this facility covers existing small-scale dairy farmers, as defined above in Lot 1.  Preference will be given to the current DRP/TranZ DVC heifer recipients. A beneficiary can only access a maximum of 20 straws. 

LOT 3: Large-scale Commercial Breeders - Sexed Semen Straws

These shall be existing commercial dairy farmers and/or institutions who are willing to breed heifers for the DRP and/or beef farmers willing to produce dairy crosses for the same program. A beneficiary can only access a maximum of 250 straws. All the heifer crosses must be sold to the small-scale farmers at a predetermined price.

All the semen will be accessed at 60% of the market value.

For more information and application forms for heifer and semen facility please contact:
  • We Effect on +263 (242) 707494/ 795865  or email or
  • ZADF on +263 (242) 251848 or email 
  • Dairy Services provincial offices
  • Dairy Revitalisation Programme (DRP) on or
Closing date for applications is 31st May 2020.