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Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the Future

The Transforming Zimbabwe's Dairy Value Chain for the Future (TranZDVC) project aims to address the root causes of under-performance in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe by strengthening the linkages between production, processing and financing. We Effect, in partnership with Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers (ZADF), Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) and Zimbabwe Dairy Industry Trust (ZDIT), seek to improve the economic, social and environmental performance of the DVC and also create an enabling environment for a sustainable and inclusive dairy sector.

Work will be undertaken with public and private sectors, NGOs, government service departments, processors and input suppliers.

Targeting small-holder, medium-scale and large-scale anchor farms, the project aims to establish dairy hubs and inclusive business models. The dairy hubs will strengthen service provision around Milk Collection Centres (MCC) and milk bulking points. The out-grower dairy models are expected improve milk aggregation and bulking. Inclusive business models will leverage private sector dairy integrators to provide access to new and more secure markets, access to training and other business support services.

Key changes being aimed for include:

  • Increased productivity: feeding regimes that improve cow productivity from the current 3.6 litres per day per cow to above 15 litres per day per cow.
  • Increased production: dairy breed improvement through Artificial Insemination and improved breeding services.
  • Increased profitability: improving milk quality and adoption of low-cost renewable energy for milk cold chain development to reduce overnight milk losses at household level.
  • Improved access to finance: promoting the establishment of multilateral partnerships that leverage investments in dairy productive assets and infrastructure.
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